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Metal resources, managed responsibly

We offer Cable Recycling

We have the facilities to deal with all grades and sizes of copper and aluminium cables, including household, multi-core and more.

Braintree 01376 390 748

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Cable Recycling

cable recycling Chelmsford

Here at Brand & Howes we are excited to have a new granulator on site. This means we can chop up and grind down cable to make it ready for recycling, so whether you have a bag full or a skip full of unwanted and scrap cable we will be happy to take it in - this reduces your carbon footprint and prevents it going into landfill.

We recover the metal from cabling and reduce the impact on the environment; we also provide collection and disposal services to suit your needs and make the whole thing as easy as possible. Working in the Chelmsford, Braintree and Brentwood area we have made it our aim to recycle 100% of all metal we receive, contact us today for more information or to arrange a collection.

We offer a prompt Local Collection Service

Braintree 01376 390 748

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